Zambia is home to some of Africa’s most beloved and endangered species, spanning nearly every habitat imaginable across hundreds of thousands of square miles. Right now, it’s also home to Camp Zambia, set up by Love Nature to tell the story of the incredible natural beauty and extraordinary breadth of African wildlife. Over the next two years, our teams will produce 50 hours of 4K programming, ranging from character driven stories following individual animals, packs or herds to profiles explaining the range of new technology being used by conservationists and solutions being implemented. But if you simply can't wait to see that footage, why not have a dive into our reports below to discover priceless moments and fascinating animal insights, all brought to you by our production teams out in the field right now, capturing on camera Africa's real wilderness.


  • The Milky Way
  • Sleeping baboon
  • Filming lions
  • African scavengers
  • Sleeping lions
  • Crocs feeding on a hippo
  • Leopard hides dinner in a tree
  • Filming leopards in the dark
  • Filming a sleeping lion
  • Male hippos fighting