Jellyfish Lake is one of the world’s most beautiful (swimmable) wonders

While swimming in a lake filled with jellyfish doesn’t sound too inviting..seeing this footage might change your mind completely. What is Jellyfish Lake? This beautiful lake is located on Eil Malk Island, part of Palau’s Rock Islands, and is famous with tourists because it’s teeming with a unique species of jellyfish—the golden jellyfish. These jellies … Continued

10 surprisingly easy New Year’s resolutions that'll help save the planet

When the new year rolls around and you start planning your resolutions, don’t settle for half-baked fitness goals and unrealistic work targets. By committing to just a few small life changes, you could make a real difference to the future of our planet. Have a green 2017 by taking on these simple but environmentally-friendly New … Continued

Plucky Pacific micronation punches shark poachers where it hurts most—Their ships

In midst of the world’s largest ocean, a desperate sea battle is being fought, with pirates, poachers and illegal fishing ships on one side, and on the other, Palau, a remote nation of 250 islands scattered like gorgeous green marbles across the great blue blanket of the western Pacific. And the action has recently become superheated, … Continued

Astonishing new discovery points to oceans beneath the Earth

As we all remember from school, some 71 per cent of the surface of the globe is covered by water. But what if all that H2O was just the tip of the unfrozen iceberg? Imagine if, deep within our planet, just as much water again was sloshing around in a giant subterranean ocean. It’s enough … Continued