From its diverse native birdlife, to its barrier reef, sea grass beds and mangrove swamps, Roatan is a complex ecosystem filled to the brim with a wild array of life. Jump in to discover more about this amazing country and its nature below.


  • Caribbean reef shark

    Caribbean Reef Sharks are largely found near the edges of coral reefs - in coastal waters no deeper than 30 metres.

  • Sunken ship
  • Sea anemone

    A giant plant-like Anemone - its mouth surrounded by dozens of tentacles - hunkers down on the wreckage of a sunken DC-3 aircraft, in wait of passing fish.

  • Grouper

    Among the largest fish in the sea, Atlantic Goliath groupers can reach weights of 360 kilograms - the same body mass as a Kodiak bear.

  • Lionfish

    A venomous Lionfish, its ornate pectoral fins rippling in the current, inspects a coral-encrusted reef.

  • Channel Clinging Crab

    A channel clinging crab fastens to a technicolour maze of coral.