Costa Rica

Costa Rica supports an enormous array of animal and plant life, mainly due to its geographic position, located as it is between the North and South American continents, as well as its neotropical climate, and wide variety of habitats. Explore the beautiful country further through the lens of our teams on the ground there.


  • Galpagos Shark at night

    The Galápagos shark is a relentless hunter - armed with more than a dozen rows of saw-like teeth packed inside a wide mouth.

  • Glass octopus

    Nearly transparent, the Glass Octopus is not able to change colour like many of its cousins. A translucent, almost-colourless body makes it less visible to predators.

  • School of hammerhead sharks

    Hammerhead sharks have spectacular vision. Eyes on the very edge of the hammer provide a panoramic view, allowing the shark to see prey from both above and below.

  • Ocean surge
  • Trevally

    Trevally, or jacks, travel in tightly organized schools to confuse predators.

  • Blue and Gold snapper
  • Whitetip sharks hunting

    Whitetip sharks at Cocos Island hunt at night, assembling over the ocean floor each night in hungry armies.