Is there goat poop in argan oil?

Goats seem to be everywhere in pop culture these days, from bleating goat videos on shows like The Good Wife to the always Instagramable goat yoga. So it should come as no surprise that pictures of goats climbing argan trees in Morocco are what’s giving us life this week. As it turns out, these acrobatic tree-goats … Continued

Lions: Pride or Die

Lions are called the king of the jungle, even though they don’t live in the jungle.

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Metamorphosis: When Evolution Gets Weird

Metamorphosis: when one thing becomes another.

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Snapping Turtles Have One Hell of a Bite

The face of a snapping turtle is the last thing a lot of fish see before they die. It’s not pretty. We got to release a snapping turtle into the wild for this episode. Stick around to the end to watch!

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Secretary Birds: Killer Queens

Don’t let this bird’s looks distract you. The secretary bird has some serious kick!

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Bee porn is now a thing, and it’s exactly what you think

“You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals…” The Bloodhound Gang’s earworm hit may have won over hearts for a brief period of time in 1999, but we’re bringing it back and replacing “mammals” with “insects” for this un-bee-lievable story of porn, fundraising, and bees. Montreal-based pornography site Pornhub, which launched in 2007 and has … Continued

Orangutan: King of the Treetops

The orangutan is one of our closest relatives, so why are we pushing them to extinction?

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Decorator Crabs: Fashionistas of the Sea

Decorator crabs are the fashionistas of the oceans, and like fashionistas here on land are somehow both beautiful and very creepy looking.

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Did you know that Horseshoe Crab blood is valuable to humans?

American Horseshoe crabs, or Limulus polyphemus, are a species older than the dinosaurs. Reaching up to 60cm in length, with big helmet-like shells and spikey tails, they look like aliens. Did you know their blood is highly valuable to humans? Horseshoe crab blood is worth approximately $60,000 a gallon. What are Horseshoe Crabs? American horseshoe … Continued

The controversial reason Poland is planning a mass slaughter of all its boars

Wild animals facing disease is nothing new, nor is the idea of a human-led mass animal slaughter in order to stop the further spread of such diseases. But this could be the first time that a major national protest has led to a government retracting on such reported plans. Or at least claiming to. Recently … Continued

The Angora Rabbits were selectively bred for the fashion industry

The impossibly fluffy Angora Rabbit is bred for its soft wool and was once a popular pet of royalty. These fur balls are a result of hundreds of years of selective breeding. Although they are still bred for their wool today, these adorable creatures are also popular pets and prize winning show bunnies. Where did … Continued

Meet the Madagascar pochard: the world's rarest bird

For many people the new year is an opportunity for a fresh start and the potential to create new surroundings. Well if that’s the case then things are going just ducky for the Madagascar pochard in 2019. Considering the long swim the world’s rarest bird has had to get there, we’d say that’s definitely worth … Continued

The most significant instances of wildlife decline in Canada in 2018

Earlier this year it was pretty sobering to learn that we’ve now killed 83 per cent of all wild mammals on earth. Still, facts like that somehow seem to be another country’s problem—something sad that happens in other parts of the world. In a country like Canada, we’re basically doing okay with our moose, and … Continued

The ethical dilemma of warm winter wear

Canadians are about to face the coldest months of the season, which means it’s time to break out the serious winter gear. From giant parkas to lined boots, staying warm in the bitter cold is necessary as we shuffle from place to place and try to go about our regularly scheduled lives. But while that … Continued

Parrots are not pets

Their beautiful colours and exotic good looks have made parrots a popular pet throughout history. Unfortunately many parrots are abandoned or put up for adoption by their owners every year, leading many to parrot rehab. What is parrot rehab? Parrot rehabilitation centres can be found all around the world. They care for parrots that have … Continued

Meet the real life fox whisperer

Many wildlife photographers become known for their jaw-dropping snaps of animals in the bush, or for their fierce focus on creatures that aren’t easily accessible to the public. And then there’s Konsta Punkka, a.k.a. The Fox Whisperer.   View this post on Instagram   ~ Just chilling and enjoying the life A post shared by … Continued

Remembering Roger, the world’s most muscular kangaroo

At first it seemed like a meme gone wrong, but a few years ago a six-foot-seven, 200-pound kangaroo became a global celebrity when photos of his buff, buff body basically broke the Internet. As you would expect a bodybuilder-muscle-flexing kangaroo, holding a crushed metal bucket, to do. Since then we’ve all been following “Roger’s” adventures … Continued

5 animals that moved to the endangered list in 2018

The past year has certainly been filled with bids to help stabilize ecosystems and increase the number of certain species. From conservationists taking drastic measures to preserving rhino populations, to poachers potentially facing the death penalty in Kenya, there have been some pretty creative solutions to ongoing problems. It’s those kinds of measures that have … Continued

Are polar bears endangered or not?

The WWF labels polar bears as vulnerable, so why is the word on the street this year that polar bears are doing just fine? A 2017 video of a starving polar bear went viral. The emaciated bear dragged itself slowly, nibbling on a discarded seat from a snowmobile. People everywhere were up in arms. But … Continued

The booming black market animal trade in Canada

Animal trafficking is the 4th largest illegal market in the world, raking in $20 billion dollars a year. You may think of the illegal animal market is far from home, but reports show that business is alive and well in Canada. From bear genitals to eel meat, the government has seized more than 4,000 animals … Continued

Saigas are Straight Out of Star Wars

The Saiga is an antelope that looks like it’s straight out of Star Wars.

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The ongoing plight of honeybees

With their buzzing little bodies, their often feared stingers, and their servitude towards a single queen, honeybees have long fascinated us. Look no further than Jerry Seinfeld, who based an entire animated film (Bee Movie) on one, or the marketing people behind Honey Nut Cheerios for proof. Unfortunately, honeybees also continue to be in grave … Continued

Here's how the Arctic Fox adapted to the cold while staying cute

The Arctic Fox has got to be one of the cutest animals around, but they are also extremely tough. These little guys live in some of the coldest regions on the planet, and have had to adapt accordingly! They change colour depending on the season, their compact bodies prevent heat loss, and they are totally … Continued